Pierre Belhomme Consulting

Welcome! Instead of introducing myself in a very long and boring manner (you can find a detailed introduction of myself here), I’ll cut to the chase:

How can I contribute to someone’s personal and/or professional success?

1. You, or a colleague, might be in need of some pragmatic coaching ? Pragmatic? What does that mean?

First off, I do not claim to be more clever than anybody! But I do have a big advantage over her/him: I am not involved in her/his your day-to-day stress, thus I am more able to perceive the skills that she/he already has and enhance them.

Second, I do not claim to be a psychologist. I am just a person considering facts in order to help someone fulfill her/his desires and/or needs.

Good coaching is about 4 key factors:

  • Listening
  • Motivating
  • Promoting self-confidence
  • Enhancing quality of life

2. Are you, as a candidate, looking for a new job or mission in the ICT sector? Are you, as a company, looking to hire or contract an experienced ICT profile? I can help you! How?

By keeping close relationships with many ICT and consulting companies who keep me up to date about their needs and by carefully keeping up to date my databases of freelances and candidates.

3. I also have a strong experience in training people, either individually or in small groups, both in English or in French.

4. And of course, for companies which need a very experienced interim manager, I can present some strong references in that area too :

- sales & marketing management of a large software services company (6 months)

- coaching the Sales manager of a large IT services company (9 months, half time)

- trainings in business planning, sales strategy, selling.


- “If you are not part of the solution, you’ve got to be part of the problem.” - P.F. Drucker

- “Customers buy for their own reasons, not yours.”